Supernatural Bible Changes

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A very peculiar and shocking event is taking place right now – Bible prophecy. We are witnessing “lying signs and wonders” as depicted in 2 Thessalonians 2.

All Bible translations, across languages, are supernaturally changing. That’s right – every Bible across the earth.

We are living in a time of great evil and highly prophetic end times.

EYA - Supernatural Bible Changes

The King James Bible, once a literary masterpiece, is now a mess due to this phenomena, and is now rife with nonsense verses, new words, grammar errors, new doctrine, spelling errors, new maps, new titles to several books of the Bible, and so forth.

New Words in KJV
Name Changes in KJV
Longest Words in the KJV

The lion shall lay down with the lamb. Do you remember that verse in Isaiah 11:6? It’s now changed to “the wolf shall dwell with the lamb”.

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The video below covers changes to the KJV Bible and was censored from YouTube for misinformation…

This is dubbed the Mandela Effect, also known as Lying Signs and Wonders. The supernatural changes to scripture are preparing for the antichrist and the one world satanic system.

I have been covering these satanic changes to scripture since July 2016 on YouTube and have been censored multiple times – because the truth shared is what they are trying to squelch.

Jesus Christ is the Word of God

John 1:1, Rev 19:13

Bibles across the earth are changing in real time, and at different rates. It’s unreal, but absolutely happening.

No matter what satan and his minions are doing to scripture they cannot change or erase the Word of God. The Word of God is forever settled in heaven, and His words will come to pass whether or not the Bible is changing.

All Bibles – digital, audio, paper – are satanically changing and there is a different voice coming through scripture now. It’s the god of confusion – the wicked one – who is leaving his calling card on every page.

Do you see the blatant and blasphemous supernatural Bible changes?

There is a different voice coming through scripture seeking to supplant the God Most High, preparing for the soon to be revealed Antichrist.

How is this happening? Surely, it is black magic.

A few of the new words are mere duplicates of a word already in scripture, like patience. In the book of Hebrews (12:1) we are now told to “run with patience“! It was always “run with endurance,” remember? No one in a race runs with patience. But patience sounds like patients, right? Goes along with the other new words in scripture like operations, theatre, doctors, nurses, vex / vexed / vexations, sharp pointed things, veins, stroke, conspiracy, congealed blood… do you see what I am painting with the new words? The new words are matching the madness in the world – like with the words mentioned and the PLANdemic.

I could give numerous more examples of words being duplicated and misused… and have done so in my videos.

Learn more: EYA CENSORED on YouTube

Watch the video below for clear examples of Bible changes in the King James Version – and be sure to follow along with your own Bible so you can see for yourself!

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EYA - Supernatural Bible Changes