The Mandela Effect, more aptly called lying signs and wonders according to 2 Thessalonians 2, is causing horrendous supernatural Bible changes.

Below are resources to help you learn, research and share about the Bible changes.

157 Examples of KJV Supernatural Bible Changes

Scroll, download, print and/or share the following slideshow on KJV Supernatural Bible changes:

A slideshow of 157 images of nonsense verses due to the Mandela Effect.

Click image to download.

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New and Unfamiliar Words in the KJV Bible

New Name Changes in the KJV Bible

New Multisyllabic Words in the KJV Bible

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Below are two downloadable resources regarding the KJV supernatural Bible changes, as well as a surprise song about the Bible changes produced by someone from the Remnant Community.

A table of new words in the KJV, followed by specific verses with new words.

Click image to download.

This is an article created by David Denton, a brother in the community who created a document explaining the Mandela Effect and the Bible changes.

Click image to download.

A flyer for distribution, created by Rebecca, a sister in the community.

Click image to download.

Lyrics to Verbal D’s Song, Supernatural Bible Changes with a link to his song with music here.

Click image to download.

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