Name Changes in the KJV Bible

We are seeing all types of crazy changes to scripture due to the Mandela Effect – or better called, lying signs and wonders according to 2 Thessalonians 2.

Below is a list of some of the name changes for people in the King James Version Bible due to the supernatural Bible changes happening NOW.

The names on the right of each are the real names, and the second is the new spelling discovered in scripture. The new spelling may occur one or more times.

Look up the verses for the spelling of both old and new names here.

Asher to AserJudah to Judas
Elijah to EliasManasseh to Manasses
Emmanuel to ImmanuelMessiah to Messias
Ephraditus to. EpaphroditusNaphtali to Nephthalim
Gideon to GedeonNebuchadnezzar to Nebuchadrezzar
Hosea to OseeNoah to Noe
Isaiah to EsaiasRachel to Rahel / Rachab
Jephthah to JephthaeSarah to Sarai / Sara
Jeremiah to Jeremy / JeremiasSilas to Silvanus
John the Baptist to John BaptistTimothy to Timotheus
Jonah to JonasJohn the Baptist to John Baptist